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echnology has been continually changing for a long time and makes changes in our lives in a positive way.I want to tell something about technological facilities. Computer is one of the most important technological appliance in our lives.Now eveybody sends e-mails to their friends. It’s very fast and free. Messengers are very practical and fast too.

A computer has got a camera,music player, a microphone, CD recorder and lots of things. Everbody has such things now.Because these things make our lives easier. So everyone is learning  to use a computer.

Mp3 player is a very important technological appliance in our lives too. This technological invention is the most important thing for the music fans.You can record music by the help of it. It’s very little and practical.Because if you like some songs you can easily listen to them and then you can record them.

Television is also very important for us. We can watch films, news, matches , documentaries on it and we can learn what’s  going on all around the world. We, teenagers,must do our best to improve technology because we can’t live without the facilities that technology has provided us so far.  

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