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Sometimes we wonder, what is life? What is life?...

here does it take us to? And when does it end? Also when we are asking these, we live the life and consume within each day. When it ends, the thing that matters doesn’t matter anymore. You get the feeling you didn’t fulfill your dreams and you start to wonder what life is. Life is a tripod. It has only theree legs and if you break one of them you lose everything. Not in a normal way, you lose yourself. And you are the one that’s making you survive. And you need to hold on some events.

Events that make you stronger. So,if you lose your identity, they will help you. First of all you need health. The most imporant thing that’s keeping you alive. And I don’t just mean body health, I mean mind health too. Because losing your identity is the same thing as losing your mind! A person who has the mind health, has the body health too. So you can control your senses. Everything you do now, is up to you. The second thing, the second leg of the tripod is our family. The ones that brought us to life and taught us how to survive! They are there if we don’t have our health, and there when we are without friends. They are unbreakable. They are even there when we are losing the meaning of life. Life is meaningless without them. And the last leg; friendship! We can’t live with or without them. They teach us our wrongs and they are always there. We learn how to be calm, sharing and loving from them.

Life is a triangle! Family, friendship and health! If you lose one of them you are lost. If you lose yourself they are the things to hold on. Life is a dark tunnel, health is a helmet that protects us from the enemy, family is a light that shines in front of us so we can find our way and friends are bumpes that teach us to fall and get up again…

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