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his year we played “The Lion King” rock opera. I watched cartoon film of Lion King a few years ago, and I liked the story so much. I became very happy when I first heard that our club was going to present Lion King as a musical this year.

First we studied our text. All our teachers helped us while studying the texts. When we first received our texts of The lion king I thought the speech was easier than our previous performance but also thought that we would deal with dramatizing the animal figures, because it was going to be the first time we would perform animal characters on stage. This year we have had different parts in our performance; Drama, music and dance. Our English lessons teachers taught us drama, We studied dances with our dance teacher Tac Paluch and studied on songs of the musical with our music teacher Angela Imren.

Now I want to tell you a bit about the story of Lion King. There is a cub lion in our play. His name is Simba and he has a father called Mufasa. Mufasa is the king of Pride Lands. Simba has a girl friend named Nala. Simba’s uncle is a bad guy. His name is Scar His only wish is to get rid of Mufasa and his son to rule the pride rock. He manages to kill Mufasa and then Simba leaves the pride land. He passes the desert and he makes two new friends, where he goes. They are Timon and Pumba. Simba grows up in the forest and becomes an adult. He tries to forget about the Pride Rock. Nala leaves the pride land many years later, because Scar can’t rule the pride lands and all the animals suffer from hunger. Nala meets Simba coincidentally She tells him about the bad events in the pridelands. Simba returns to pride lands to take over the kingdom and then he marries Nala they live happily ever after.

I was very excited when I first heard that we were going to play Lion King and what’s more I was going to be Nala. Because my character was one of the main characters. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we had rehearsals. I was taking part both in music and drama. We all studied and memorized our texts in no longer than 2 months. There were also very funny things experienced in our rehearsals. I can’t still forget. For

example I can’t forget the sleeping scene. Two of our friends Pumba and Timon were sleeping on each other. Suddenly Nala(I) entered the stage and they jumped for fear. Everytime we saw this scene we all broke into laughter it was very funny.

We also wore make-ups and we had costumes Yolanda, Filiz, Ceylan and Tac teacher made our make ups. We were like animals  Our costumes were very different as well. I never felt desperate about our theatre performance. I was sure we could perform it perfectly on stage when the time comes.

In April we finished our rehearsals. We were ready to perform it on stage. On the day of the show we went to AKM at 3 o’clock. But our teachers were there before we went there. When we went there the audience hadn’t come yet. We got dressed and started to wait for the make ups. And our teachers finished our make-ups The audience started to enter the theatre hall. Then I started to feel very excited. It was thrilling because I was going to appear on stage during the first scene. I was going to sing a song. After the first scene I managed to overcome my fear. I was relaxed. During the performance all the audience clapped. When the performance was over, everyone congratulated us.

I was very happy to take part in this performance.


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