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ost of  us like the city we live in and we usually don’t want to change it. As a teenager living in İstanbul, I have to admit that I really like my city due to the social environment, transportation and natural beauty. I live in İstanbul which is one of most important cities in the world. You can find lots of interesting  places around you. There are a lot of cinemas,theatres, sport centers, art galeries, museums, historical places, hospitals, medical centers. It has lots of different cultural centres in Turkey. Cinemas, sport centres are very important especially to attract tourists’ attention. Educational and medical facilities are perfect for all citizens.

İstanbul is a very big and crowded city. It’s sometimes diffucult to go somewhere but there are also transportation facilities too.You can take bus, train, ship, taxi or tube when you want to travel. There are also two airports in İstanbul. İstanbul is covered with a wonderful natural beauty; the Bosphorus.The beauty of the Bosphorus captures every single person in İstanbul. Many citizens go to Bosphorus at the weekends, sometimes  have breakfast, sometimes have dinner or do only sightseeing. There are some disadvantages in İstanbul but I think it’s worth living in this lovely and amazing city.

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