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e got the fax from the Ministry of Education two months ago. It was about a project called Spring Day in Europe. We came together in the classroom and discussed how we can prepare a project like that. What materials could we use in the project? We wrote down some questions to find their answers.

We searched the Spring Day in Europe website. and we found nice things to work on and we saw hundreds of schools from Turkey and all over the world. We thought we should choose both exciting subjects to be different from them and some subjects that are very important for Turkey. So we chose these three subjects below;

* Freedom in Education
* Equality Between Women and Men
* Freedom at Art

These subjects seemed so importan to us because in the past people lived in very bad conditions and many of them weren't happy with their life sytles. Time past, now people live as they want. So there is a big difference between those two life styles. The quality of our lives is important because it makes people live happily. So my friends Fikret, Ege and Nazlı wanted to work on these subjects. We read articles and we talked to our teachers Seda Elmas, canan Közer and Marius Dahl.

In class, we had brain storming with other friends so we had new ideas about our projects. As we were working, our art teacher and 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grader were working on their puppets! They really prepared nice puppets and they sang songs with the puppets and read fairy tales with the puppets. They really had very enjoyable time. Their arts and craft teacher Marius Dahl was very pleased with the result of this activity.

They gave us a site to use our photos and articlees there. We wrote about the things whe had done in the Spring Day. They really liked our project. They sent us an e-mail to say that they were very impressed by the quality of our project. Then the vice president of European commission wrote a thank you letter. They promised us to send a certificate. We were happy that we came together and worked hard but as a result of it they liked our project very much. We are proud of ourselves.