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ast summer I went to the  south with my famıly.We stayed in a hotel.My father is a good sailer  and he likes adventure.He wanted to go an unınhabıted island to discover new places. First, he  rented a yacht and made a plan. Our voyage started the other day. We got on the yacht except for my older sister. She stayed in the hotel because she didn’t feel herself very well. Everything looked normal at the beginning. The weather was good and there was a light wind. A few hours later, it suddenly became dark and the started to blow violently. My father became worried and he could hardly control the yacht . Then the wind became more and more strong and turned our yacht over.

Luckily, we were near the island and we immediately left the yacht . We swam to the island and collapsed when we went to the beach. We were upset and worried because we had no food and shelter. We made a fire and started to wait desperately. My parents, my little sister and I wallked around the island to find some fruits. Three hours passed and we started to lose our hope for the future. While we were on the island hopelessly, we heard a helicopter flying over the island. We suddenly became happy as we were about to be rescued. My sister called the rescue helicopter and reported that her family didn’t arrive from sailing.The rescuers could find us

easily because we were near the wreckage and we made a fire as a signal. It was the most adventurous and unforgettable event which I have ever had in my life.