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ida is a wonderful opera. We performed it very well at Akatlar Kültür Merkezi. We showed it to our families and friends happily. I remember the day when they told me that I was in Aida show. I was really excited. So I couldn’t think a lot. But I had one question in my mind. Aida was an opera of Verdi and how would we perform an opera on the stage? And then I was told that, Aida we’re to perform was Elton JOHN’s broadway rock opera. And when I learned that curiosity about the play got bigger on my mind. I wanted to watch it on the video. But I couldn’t find it. So I got the music CD. When I listened to it, I asked myself How are we going to do this? It’ very hard. But we worked a lot during the year. On the final day we succeeded it! We acted in a rock opera like actors and actresses of ages. I think Aida improved our English better than anything can do, because we need to live the scene to feel like characters and act properly. Music and Dance in a better way. Also we made new friends from other classes. Because we spent so much time together for a long time.
One of my favorite songs of AIDA was “Dance of the Robe.” Because the music and our dance was great. The other songs were great too, but they were mostly duets. When our show finished, I went to my parents to ask if they liked it or not. They said they were very proud of me. I’m sure that all parents were proud of their children too because all the people in the hall had smiling faces at the end of the show. And also our teachers congragulated us the next day. They said that the play was great and all the audiance had stucked to their chairs, unable to believe their eyes. Our theachers were proud of us, too. Everybody met at the point that we’ve done a great job.I felt myself special for I took part in that show. Because it was the first time that Aida rock opera was put on stage in Turkey. It was very fun. I wished all our friends could be on stage. But I think they also enjoyed watching it. I enjoyed it. A lot of teachers had hard work for Aida show. Our English Teachers helped us study our script. They also found the necessary props for the show. Our art teacher worked on designing stage and costumes and our music teacher taught the beautiful songs of Elton JOHN. And the dance teacher taught how to dance to the rhytm of music and how to dance as a group and become one body on stage. If they hadn’t worked so hard we wouldn’t have been so successful. We thank all our teachers!!
Two or three days after our performance we were interviewed about it. They asked us some questions like ‘ What can’t you forget about it?’ I said ’ There is nothing I can forget about it. I will remember this year forever. At the interview there were eight or nine questions. They asked them to learn about our feelings. It was fun. And also a DVD of Aida was made. I think it’s a good idea, because we can watch ourselves and we can watch it when we grow up.

Aida was great! I hope next year we can do something better. I feel very happy and lucky to take part in such a wonderful rock opera.


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