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e mark the end of our elementary school era and the beginning of high school years, and in many ways, we also, mark the end of our childhood as we begin the journey through our teenage years and become young adults. As we look back at our times here at Özel İstanbul Koleji, we have many people to thank.
Our dear teachers! You are the sculptors of young lives. How fortunate we were to be shaped by you! Under your superior guidance, hope always survived. You have challenged our minds and embraced our hearts with your kind friendliness. We shall always remember you and your ideas as we put new bricks on our knowledge foundation; a foundation that you so willingly and wisely helped us to built. Though we now must leave, and we must part, a little piece of you remains behind. We will hold it with gratitude within our hearts. You will be part of everything we do. Thank you for being simply the best! Thank you.

Now, a huge heartfelt thank you goes to our parents and our families… Dear mom and dad, on your life I build what I become. Thank you for your love and support throughout these years. All your plans and hopes, and even fears now come together in what I have accomplished. Know that I am grateful for your love. Your hard work is now mirrored in mine. When I need strength, I shall look inside for you. You gave me the faith that I can shine.

I would also like to thank to my brother for setting such a good example and being a true friend. By following him, I always knew what to do as I moved ahead in life.

My dear friends: Perin, Ronya, Çağıl, Hande, Emre, Gizem, Ayberk, Perim, Lerna and Nazlı... I am very grateful for the friend I have found in you all. I am standing before you with a windy heart today. I have happiness in my heart, and pride for what we have achieved but I also have a sense of confusion. We are moving one step nearer to who we will be as adults. We will have more privileges but also more responsibilities. I will miss you but it is time for each of us to climb our separate mountains to reach to our own boundless views. I would like for each of you to remember that everything is a matter of perspective. In life, we will not be able to direct the wind but we will always be able to adjust the sails of our boats. We will embark upon different oceans but as Confucius puts it, “Wherever you go, go with all your heart…”
My friends and I, realize that the future lies before us like a field of fresh snow. We know that every step we take will show. We promise everyone who contributed to our lives that we will do our best to make all of you proud.
The graduate class of 2006, God bless you all and congratulations!