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estivals have always had a very important role in a country’s cultural development and touristic affairs. In our country, various organisations are held during the year to celebrate these festivals. There are national and international festivals in our country but celebrations for the coming of a new year are very exciting, impressive and glorious. Turkish people like celebrating important days and they feel great  excitement about them. They also feel very  excited for the new year because  they think that new chances are waiting for them and every new year is a new beginning.  People organise parties on this day, prepare special foods and give presents to each other . 

New year celebrations are held everywhere; in schools, in offices, at homes. Streets, shops and buildings are decorated with colourful lights. You can see such things in houses, too.  People try to get prepared for the night. In my opinion, festivals make people feel excited and also cause them to work together with others. We mustn’t forget special days in our lives.

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