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echnology has made it easier to find information. We are living in such  a fast changing technological environment that we can solve  any problems quickly. However, there are still unsolved mysteries that technology has not been able to find the  anwers for them, yet.

Some of these unsolved mysteries are UFOs, the Bermuda Triangle and the Lochness Monster. UFOs have been reported to be seen in many parts of the world. They are usually lights in the sky. Some people also connect UFOs with cropcircles. UFOs  have never been proven or disproven. The Bermuda Triangle is an area in the ocean where many metal ships have been disappeared. The fact that very few wooden ships have also been disappeared adds to mystery.

Some claim that weird electromagnetic activity is what sinks the ships  but then again this has also never been proven. The Lochness Monster is another unsolved mystery in Scotland. Many people have reported seeing it and some have taken pictures which turned out to be fake. Scientists have searched  the lake and found nothing,  eye witness  accounts still come, so this mystery is still unsolved.

So these are some of the unsolved mysteries. They’ve never really been proven or disproven. But perhaps, with technological advances, in the future we will be able to solve these mysteries one and for all!


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